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JEAN is a cartoonist, illustrator and journalist. Her "Flock" cartoon feature has been running in the North Texas Catholic newspaper since 1997. It's also been in a few other Catholic papers and magazines, and in 2007, Twenty-Third Publications published a collection of The Flock cartoons entitled "Well-Drawn Faith."

Her sheep have been runnning on this website, now, for three years.

Besides drawing The Flock, Jean currently is a staff correspondent for the Catholic Virginian newspaper and is the illustrator and one of the writers of a weekly scripture commentary, Word to Life, distributed by Catholic News Service.

A veteran parish catechist, former youth minister, wife, mother of three adult children, she holds a certificate in Christian spirituality from Loyola University of New Orleans.



Workshops, Retreats, Meetings

We humans have a lot of traits in common with sheep—constantly feeding, getting lost in mundane pursuits, mindlessly wandering off a perfectly good path and forgetting there's a guiding shepherd nearby if they'd only look up.

A session with the Flock offers a light approach to the serious and sometimes difficult matter of trying to live according to the Gospel. Contact Jean Denton about bringing The Flock to your gathering. She can customize session topics to suit the needs of the group. Although the cartoonist is Catholic, the Flock speaks to the spirituality of all Christians and also to those who may be in doubt about their relationship with God.

If interested, email.