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headless frank

Dear Friends—
Thanks to everybody who turned out for the first ever Ultimate Frankhead Game on Thanksgiving. The crowd was unexpectedly huge and well-behaved considering nobody had ever played Ultimate Frankhead before.

The FrankOPhiles beat the FrankOPhobes 300-18. You’ve gotta give the ‘Phobes a lot of credit for staying in the game so long, but it soon became painful to watch.

Mercifully, an interloper galloped onto the field ending the game to the relief of everyone on both sides. In fact, the interloper was named MVP. She wanted to keep the "game ball" but since it was my head, I couldn’t part with it. Or want it sitting on some doghouse mantle for a year.

I’ve posted photos of the event below. You can see me there on the sidelines while keeping my head completely in the game. It was truly a dizzying display—especially for me—of athleticism and technique, as the pictures show.

Next year we plan to have a pre-game Ultimate Frankhead skills clinic, a punt, pass and kick competition and a homerun derby. Also bowling for dollars and a chocolate fountain.

Proceeds will go to headless research. Mark your calendar.

Signing off: Medulla oblongata.

Inaugural Ultimate Frankhead Game

(It drew a sizable crowd.)

catch frank in air throw crowd at park
still in air frank in air toss
headless watching catch head falling
dog with frankhead frank in air final toss

Game over…

dog with frankhead