Jane Ann's Astrological Forecast

Jane Ann

December 2014

SAGITTARIUS — Beware. Your emotions will surface at the slightest provocation. That’s like anger, sadness, excitement, joy and flying off the handle. Remember, emotions are neither good nor bad—they’re just emotions. But if you stifle anger, sadness and flying off the handle people like you better.

CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS & PISCES — You can make a difference just by getting up off your behind. This is especially true if you’re sitting on the front row at the movies. The other patrons will yell and pelt you with popcorn. But you’ll have made a difference and it beats another boring day at the cinema.

ARIES & TAURUS — It’s time to pick up the pace so you don’t open yourself to criticism. There’s nothing worse. Our society just doesn’t tolerate slowness because it’s … um … too slow.

THE BIG DIPPER — This is the giving season. So eschew your dipping tendency and give. The stars hope it’s habit-forming.

GEMINI & CANCER — See if you can do something about climate change. This may require you to emit gases of some sort. The stars say gases started it and gases can stop it. They suggest you figure out the right gases and emit them. You’ll have the thanks of a grateful global population and the last five polar bears.

LEO (my sign) — Hang up a big Christmas stocking for yourself because it will be filled to overflowing—candy, jewels, romance, a car, bedroom slippers, you name it. It’s really too much, so share the candy and slippers with "those less fortunate." (Maybe buy them a couple of cans of green beans, too, to make the season bright.)

VIRGO, LIBRA & SCORPIO — You should also hang up a big Christmas stocking that will be filled to overflowing…although there’s a good chance it might be all fruit. But who can complain about another month free from scurvy?!