Jane Ann's Astrological Forecast

Jane Ann

February 2015

AQUARIUS — Keep your opinions to yourself, especially early in the month. This will give you time to find out if you even know what you’re talking about. Others may try to bait you into an argument, but maintain a cool demeanor. Remember, uninformed yelling is unattractive and embarrassing to your fellow Aquarians.

PISCES & ARIES — Don’t make decisions based on pleasing others. Unless you want to have a lot of friends. But simply having a lot of friends isn’t a particularly noble goal in life. On the other hand, it sure seems like the people who please others just so they can have a lot of friends are the ones whose funerals pack the house.

TAURUS, GEMINI & CANCER — Welcome the stranger. Your hospitality will be rewarded with lasting friendships. Of course, your lasting friends will maybe wear dorky jeans and try to draw you into their philatelic subculture, but that’s just part of strangeness and it seems like a good tradeoff. Plus, people still use more stamps than you think.

LEO (my sign) — Wear a hat. Your genius is likely to outgrow your head unless you hold it in check. Also, hats aren’t commonly worn these days and you know how the saying goes: If nobody wears hats, hats will only be worn by nobodies. …Wait, I thought we were going to be geniuses! I think maybe we Leo’s ought to beware of the stars this month—so DON’T wear a hat and I’m sorry if your head explodes.

VIRGO, LIBRA & SCORPIO — Get ready for romance. By that, the stars mean save up for Valentine’s Day. It’s become a big, expensive deal and if romance is on your horizon you don’t want to be short of Pinot Noir. Or cash! Nothing quashes a romantic interlude like, "Sweetheart, do you have a twenty? I can pay you back next week."

BIG DIPPER — You, however, will come into a bunch of cash. But, alas, no romance. That means more stuff for yourself, though, right? The trouble with cold, hard cash in February is it’s literally cold and hard—so don’t open your mouth about it because it might stick to your tongue. Maybe you could free yourself of the danger by sharing some of it with a good cause.

SAGITTARIUS & CAPRICORN — Use your creativity. You’re going to have to, because Big Dipper got the cash, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio got the romance and Leo got the genius. Doesn’t leave much for you. Dig deep to make something happen on your own initiative. I don’t know, write a concerto or something while you wait for some money, a date or an amazing equation to come your way.