Jane Ann's Astrological Forecast

Jane Ann

November 2013—A Month for Thanks

SCORPIO — You may get mixed messages from loved ones about your personal decisions. For instance, your uncle might say, "Good idea," while your best friend says, "Don’t go there." The trick is to match the best message to each decision. Like which message best fits your blaze orange sequined halter top and which one is more suited to eating sushi? The thing to remember—and be thankful for—is that there are people in your life who can love someone who owns a sequined hunting outfit and sometimes ingests eels.

SAGGITARIUS — Take some time to rest on your laurels this month. If you haven’t received any laurels lately, that could be a problem. Maybe rest on somebody else’s laurels. Just make sure they weren’t on steroids when they got them. Laurels on steroids are not something you want to mess with.

CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS & PISCES — While the Age of Aquarius continues to dawn, at its apparently glacial pace, you who are under these three signs can expect the opportunity of a lifetime (!) to present itself this month. Now, if you get to November 30 and the only opportunity you’ve gotten is to purchase two closet organizers for the price of one on late-night TV, face the fact that this is "it" for you and take the plunge. And be encouraged, because you never know where an organized closet may lead—much less two!

ARIES & TAURUS — Reach out to someone. Don’t do it by using that ten-foot pole of yours or with your tendency to toss coins at them. Get close and look into his or her face. It’s way more interesting that way and you’re likely to become rich as a result.

GEMINI & CANCER — The stars predict a big adventure for you. I can’t tell if it involves travel or bacteria. But I guess that’s part of the adventure.

LEO (my sign) — Here we go again: Leo’s have THE best forecast! This time, it involves fame (so watch out for roving Saggitarians trying to rest on your laurels), fortune—I hope it's those envelopes of money predicted for last June that never arrived—and freedom. Wow, we get to do whatever we want, without restrictions! Awesome. Let’s just hope everybody else isn’t doing that, too.

VIRGO & LIBRA — Last month one of you got friendship and one of you got squash, so I recommend that you both try something different this time around, because the stars are calling for romance. Believe me, no would-be love interests want to be "just friends" OR "just squash."

THE BIG DIPPER — The name of your sign tells it all. You have been a big dipper over the past many months, dipping into the joys of great relationships, wealth, creativity and snorkeling, to name a few. So give some thanks. And pass the gravy.