Jane Ann's Astrological Forecast

Jane Ann

November 2012

Hey! A new month is here and the stars have lined up once again on your behalf. Here's what to look for in November. Good luck!

CANCER & SAGITTARIUS — WHOA! Marriage is hugely in the picture for you. Plan ahead. This is a long term deal so don’t go into it with cheap shoes. Don’t ask for advice because many people are going to give you it to you, anyway. Pretend to listen, but follow your own intuition, because more often than not, they are going to come up with some absolutely bizarre suggestions like, "Never go to bed unless you have matching pajamas." But for ALL Cancers and Sagittarians, whether or not marriage figures in your immediate plans, under the current sky it is essential that you make provisions never to go to bed unless you have matching pajamas.

CAPRICORN — If a business deal presents itself be cautious. Look to past experience especially when chopping vegetables, which is a hint about what kind of business deal might present itself. This doesn’t mean it won’t be a good opportunity, only that the opportunity could be influenced by carelessness or spoilage. Read the fine print and make sure it doesn’t contain the phrase "hold harmless."

AQUARIUS, PISCES & TAURUS — Stand up for the freedom to do whatever you want, but if you want to vote on Wednesday, be aware that it won’t be the brightest thing you ever did. This is the worst time for procrastination. Be sure the curtain closes behind you before you mark your choice but remember everybody can still see your legs.

ARIES — Seek out friends with very cool cars. This is no time to be seen in a questionable vehicle no matter how well it runs. Image is everything for you this month; substance is secondary. Third is math theory.

GEMINI & VIRGO — Clean up your recent messes. Apologize for untoward remarks and concentrate on toward remarks. Begin sending positive messages to others—either directly or with meaningful glances. Actually, meaningful glances are preferable but are ineffective in emails. Which leads me to warn against emoticons which can so often be misunderstood especially by older people who, apparently, never made a face!

THE BIG DIPPER — Attempting a power play will go awry, especially in love. Love and power playing don’t go together.

LIBRA, SCORPIO & LEO (my sign) — It is hard to believe the stars always seem to line up in your favor, but once again fortune shines on you. You might get a pot of money, a movie contract or a cruise, I’m not sure which. You’ll receive many compliments, too. Accept them graciously and then ask if there might be a pot of money attached. You never know unless you ask.