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Jane Ann

Jane Ann

TOPIC: "Summer Solstice Horoscope"

During the summer solstice the sun is at 00 position. I don’t know what that means. Probably, nothing.

Hahahahahahahahhhhh! Okay, maybe just keep it in mind as you contemplate our periodic, horoscopic rundown, starting with Leo, as usual, because that’s my sign:

LEO—You continue to be wise and wonderful and can do no wrong except for your occasional lapse in judgment about hairstyle. Avoid magazine articles with beauty tips. Don’t be alarmed, but now begins a period that is good for you to buy over-the-counter antibiotic ointment.

VIRGO through SCORPIO—It looks like a great time for vacation. You need a break. Money matters are iffy. I hate when that happens at the same time that your horoscope says take a vacation, but I’m just following the guidance of the stars, and "iffy" is a relative term, after all.

SAGITTARIUS—Oh-my-gosh, money matters are iffy for you, too! Wait…I’m looking down the line and money matters are iffy for everybody. Honesty is all-important for Sagittarians right now, and don’t let others pressure you into fibbing. You’ll get caught because the current summer solstice shines a harsh light all day long.

CAPRICORN and AQUARIUS—Two things stand out: Love and Agriculture. To me, that says be careful when sitting next to corn. But follow your heart. Also, farm implements are definitely in your immediate future, for which reason I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am not to be under your sign.

PISCES through TAURUS—Get ready for an ego boost. But keep your wits about you. Don’t be surprised if, in the next few days, someone comes up to you and says, "Would you like to buy what’s behind door number three?" I don’t know if it’s a trap—the stars don’t tell that much. They just like to give niggling little hints so they don’t have to take responsibility.

GEMINI and CANCER—Summer is really your season. So seize it with gusto! Nurture important relationships, plan for the future and don’t be afraid to order appetizers under 8 dollars.